There are days when it feels as if the world is completely against you.

No matter what you do, you still feel down in the dumps. You need positivity, but you also need to spread it. Spreading positivity and being nice to others brings great satisfaction.

In a study in Great Britain, participants took a survey on their life satisfaction. A group was told to perform one act of kindness everyday for 10 days following the survey. When the 10 days were up, the group who had been kind to others had a major boost in happiness.

In order to spread positivity, you need to know how to live positively. Being positive requires you to change your perspective. Whenever something bad happens, think of the good that came from it; maybe you learned a valuable lesson. Take your time. Don’t rush into things that could cause you more stress. Slow down and take time to do things that make you happy!! Learn that criticism can be a good thing. When somebody criticizes you, actually think about what they said. Could it actually help you, or does it even matter? Don’t let the fear of being criticized keep you from a positive life. Click here for more tips on how to be positive.

Pass your positivity on. Help out. When you see someone struggling, offer your support, even if you don’t get anything in return. You never know how much a lending a helping hand can help someone. Listen. Sometimes, we try to hard to help, when all we should be doing is listening. People need to vent and they need someone to listen. Your kindness can be that simple. Kindness turns into positivity.

Pass your kindness and positivity on. When you’re feeling low, remember that others are, too. Help yourself by helping others.

Shine Bright!