With the President’s State of the Union address being today, it’s easy to find yourself wondering about the state of other things in your life. The State of the Union might be iffy, but what is the state of your mind? It’s important to reflect on your thoughts and decipher the trouble and thoughts within it.

The state of your mind can mean many things. Now I don’t mean state of mind, and I don’t mean the physical state of your mind. I think a state of mind is a way you’re thinking or feeling about something, while the state of your mind is more how you feel, what you feel, and why you’re feeling a certain way. But how do you assess the state of your mind? Well, how does the president evaluate the state of the union? He sits down, organizes information, gets feedback, and takes a look at the fine details within a broad area.

  1. Organize your thoughts: to assess how you’re feeling, you need to know what you’re feeling. Do you have a lot of anger? Cravings? Identifying the emotions you are feeling can help you trace them back to their roots. Did you skip a planned meal? Are you not happy in a relationship? To find answers, you first have to ask questions.
  2. Get feedback: if you’re feeling unhappy or confused about what you’re feeling, talk to some friends or a professional. See what they do in similar situations, and maybe they can offer ways to help.
  3. Take a small step back: assess your overall feeling. Are you entirely miserable, or is there one thing that is keeping you from being happy? It’s easy to blanket your mind with one emotion when one bad (or good) thing happens. Maybe you did eat that sugar-filled treat, but should your whole mind be full of guilt? No, think of the other things you’ve accomplished, not just what you haven’t.

It’s easy for emotions to become jumbled and overbearing. Organizing and pinpointing our feelings helps us get better control of them. Our mind helps us make choices, but we choose what we want help with. Make the state of your mind positive and full of radiating light!

Shine Bright!

Photo by Valentina Yoga on Unsplash