Decided to stop eating sugar? Great! Now show some TLC towards yourself!

Here’s what we know, Buddies: kindness works. It’s universally known – and in all sorts of proverbs – be kind to thy neighbor, do no harm, kill them with kindness.
It can be really tough to do in some moments – hi NYC subway! – but it is relatively easy to remember that in a situation with another person, being nice is probably the best route. We need to remember this more than ever with all going on in our world (for reals), we also realllllllyyyyyyy  need to remember this when it comes to successfully navigating our issues with food and weight when we stop eating sugar.
At Beacon, we hear a lot of stories about an event that took a turn of the worse – making a Beacon-friendly plan for your Yom Kippur breakfast and accidentally finding yourself knee deep in the bagel-with-lox, an unexpected treat-fest at the office turned into a trip to Magnolia bakery on the way home … you know the storyline.
When things take a turn – especially when we are the cause and the effect, our first reaction is to make a bad situation worse. Sort of like putting poison in an already infected wound. It’s an interesting reaction, isn’t it? And one that puts us farther and farther away from long-term success and freedom. When a tricky, sticky situation arises, it’s our job to help to make it better, not worse. One of the keys to making that happen is kindness to … you guessed it … you!
How do we help ourselves to make a self-inflicted bad situation better not worse and direct kindness to ourselves? Difficult as that may seem, that is, as we say at Beacon, a problem to be solved:
Treat ourselves like we treat others. One of my favorite quotes, author unknown, is “Would I let others do to me what I have done to myself?” Boom. And if you can’t get on board with that, can you think of how you might treat someone you love unconditionally if something like this happened? I highly doubt you’d tell your little niece that she’s a fat loser if she had a bagel when she meant to have Wasa crisp. Or that you would tell your BFF that she’s never going to be able to lose weight since she had a Magnolia cupcake outside of her wise mind.
Stop the madness. Seriously. As amazing as words are, actions are that much better. And the kindest thing you can do, when you lapse, is to stop lapsing and get back on track. I know that historically these little blips on the screen are opportunities for a real bender, but these “opportunities” are actually being really really mean to yourself and helping to plead the case that you can’t have recovery and stop eating sugar. And that’s neither opportunity nor nice.
Take a time out. It works for five-year-olds, it works for fifty-five-year-olds, it works for one hundred and five-year-olds. Take a beat, take a breath, take a minute to refocus and decide what you really want to do next after you’ve made a little mistake.
Remember, your issues with food and weight didn’t go down on one bagel or a Magnolia cupcake – it went down on your reaction to that cupcake and the cruelty and punishment you put on yourself afterward. About time to do it differently, right? We want you to have success and it starts here – because you deserve – All. The. Things.