You asked us how- and we got the 411 on curbing those sneaky little (and sometimes big) cravings for the sweet stuff!

Before we get into some quick how to’s, it is important to understand a bit about why we crave sweets over and over.  Simply put, sugar begets…well…sugar!  For example, that morning Doughnut coupled with your super sweet latte will only leave you begging for more sugary goodness just 2-3 hours later.   Now why is this you ask?  These types of foods are made up of simple carbohydrates and are only meant to give you a quick boost (cue repeated crashes and craves).

So how do we break the cycle and stop sugar cravings for good? Let Beacon lead the way!

  1. Simply put (and not so simply done) eliminate sugar.  You might be saying what the what?! Stop eating sugar?! No dice!  Well, if you want those debilitating cravings to stop, it is going to require an overhaul of your diet.  Remember, sugar begets sugar. If we don’t begin our day with a heaping dose, we don’t have to feel defeated by bedtime.  If going cold turkey doesn’t work for you, begin by eliminating refined and added sugars.


  2. Meal Regulation and Planning: Eating well balanced meals and snacks every 3-4 hours will be super helpful in keeping those sugar cravings at bay.  When you are well satiated with proper nutrition, your body doesn’t experience the spikes and crashes in blood sugar that cue the cravings for a quick pick me up.  Secondly, it is super helpful to plan your meals and snacks in advance to avoid going without food for too long and therefore improvising with m & m’s and fruit loops (oh, we’ve been there too).

  3. Skills, skills and did we mention skills? : Changing your lifestyle and habits can be tough.  As always, when the going gets tough, Beacon recommends you get down with some super nifty DBT Distress Tolerance Skills!  What will you do when a sugar craving hits?  Remember, where there is a will, there is a skill!

For more 411 and support on treating sugar and food addiction, follow us all week! 

With love and support!

The Beacon Team