Hey Beacon Buds!

Today we’re here to talk about what to do when we have a little slip-up with our abstinence from Sugar.

Somehow, somewhere, the sweet stuff touched your lips again- and SIGH, Forehead palm (insert any other dramatics)- You become certain that your abstinent days are OVER!

While you might win an Oscar for the most convincing and dramatic portrayal of someone who has just lost their beloved abstinence for good, let’s take a sec to get back to real life.  One (or even a few) slips-ups in no way steal your hard-earned abstinence, and there is always a road back to plan.

How is this possible you say?! Let Beacon share a few quick pointers!

Be Kind: When we slip-up, we can sure be pretty mean to ourselves.  This attitude in no way inspires us to resume our abstinence.  Try trading in your self-criticism for some gentleness and understanding.  When we show ourselves compassion, we are much more likely to get back to plan.  Finally, the regular practice of swapping self-criticism for gentleness and kindness will help to combat rigid/all-or-nothing thinking patterns that keep us stuck in the abstinent- binge cycle.

and…Don’t Rewind: When we get off-plan, we have a tendency to become even more stringent with ourselves in attempt to “undo” any of the perceived damage we committed when slipping-up with the sweet stuff.   Here’s the thing, there is nothing to undo or compensate for.  There is only one way to go and that’s forward.

Seek Support:  Still having trouble getting back to the abstinent basics? Check in with your treatment team and greater support network for some extra TLC as you move back to Abstinence.

The Beacon Program recognizes Sugar and Food Addiction as a serious conditions that interfere with many people’s ability to participate fully in life.  If you or someone you love is exhibiting difficulty with food and weight-do not hesitate to check in with us for support and potential treatment.

With love and light,

The Beacon Team