Every Sunday, Molly buzzes about the questions/concerns/thoughts/experiences happening at Beacon. We are now sharing her weekly wisdom right her with you!

From Sunday Funday to the Sunday Blues, we know that when dealing with issues with food and weight, Sundays can be pretty loaded. #understatement

In that spirit, we’ve decided to move your weekly email to Sunday to put The Beacon, where a beacon belongs: guiding you into your very best week, every week.

So, how was your weekend?

For many of us, the weekends can be tricky. They can get pulled in one of two directions: mindbogglingly busy or a frightening expanse of time – both in which your best efforts of best eating, meal planning, food prepping, and recipe-making can get thwarted.

Let’s discuss some solutions:

  • First things first, planning. As booooooooring as it sounds – making a little road map of your weekend especially with things like mealtimes and activity – can help the weekend feel smoother and easier.
  • Second, balance balance balance. We sometimes call it walking the middle path. Combine some lazy Netflix binging with a walk in the park. Or, a long weekend filled with family parties and dinners with friends with some quiet couch time cozying up to your favorite book. I hate feeling like I need whole other weekend from the activities of my weekend.
  • Finally, the dreaded diet mentality. Weekends bring up the food-based delusion that we just “need a break,” and we will get it back together on Monday. Cue the lights being turned off, the Chinese food being delivered, and the chocolate lava cake being ordered in the name of  Then cue Monday morning and the feelings of hopeless defeat.

What’s the solution? This is an important shift: do your best to make it all the same. 

I can remember exactly when this came to me. Many years ago, after a long weekend bender with the best of intentions, I was walking home from a stuffed-french-toast-and-mimosa fueled Sunday brunch and thought to myself, “I think my weekends need to look like my week.” And that’s what works, on the whole, for those who are successful: week, weekend, work-travel, vacation. Same same same – obviously with some healthy and loving variations.

Now, I’m not saying you don’t get breaks and excitement – I just want your excitement to be in your life and not in your food – skydiving, meeting fun and interesting people, joining a club, exploring, realizing your dreams – you know, nbd.

When we make our food our “relaxation” (and I put relaxation in quotation marks because most people I meet feel incredibly demoralized and hopeless when they use food to relax), we set ourselves up for a losing battle.

As ALWAYS, let me know how we can help specifically to get you an awesome middle-path, non-diet, killer weekend plan! I’m here with my amazing Beacon Team with tons of ideas and so much hope and juju. We’re here rooting for you.

Shine Bright,