It’s Sunday! Not any Sunday, Super Bowl Sunday

Which is why I’ve sent you your Buzz a little earlier today – to get you super ready for the Super Bowl. We’ll need it: I went and did some deep digging for Super Bowl stats. Here’s what I found: It’s projected that Americans will eat 1.25 billion (yes, billion with a “B”) chicken wings, and 4 million pizzas today. And rest assured that the another “S” word is on the horizon in a big way today. You guessed it. Sugar.

Football and food (and all that hidden sugar). What a tricky little pair. How is a Buddy to survive what is about to happen tonight? With our wisest minds, some spectacular skills, and an awesome plan, that’s how.

We’re all about sustainability at Beacon – so you know we’re going to get you through the day-before-one-of-the-most-missed-workdays of the year! Superbowl Sunday is, as we say at Beacon, a problem to be solved. Let’s get our Superbowl-strength plan started:

Be like the Pats and Eagles. Do you think these guys are going out on the field today with the plan to “figure it out when they get there”? Definitely not. They’ve spent weeks and months planning for the big game. You can take a note from their playbook and take 30-60 minutes this morning to do the same. What will you eat? When? How much? What skills can you use when things get hard? How do you want to feel at the end of the night? Answer any of these and you are ahead of the curve. Planning rocks.

BYO Football Friendly Food. I’m not saying bring a sad little chicken breast wrapped in tin foil, Buddies. While I do believe in your ability to navigate a Super Bowl Party, it may be easier and more seamless for you to bring something to your fiesta tonight that is football AND Beacon friendly. And for everyone! There SO MANY options.  I’m a huge fan of Hungry Girl’s game-day recipes like these and this. Added Bonus: you may be helping out someone else at the party who wants to eat with integrity! #winwinwin

Watch the game! Make a decision to make the Super Bowl about more than the food. Not into football and going because you have to? Make the party about the people! Or make it about the commercials! Or commit to making a friend or two! You get the idea. When we focus less on the food, the food becomes less of the focus. #truth

And our Beacon Buzz Afterparty – which you can find here – will be raring to gotonight Join me on Beacon’s Facebook Live tonight at 8:30 we’ll be chatting about what to do if your plan didn’t go according to plan. Although I hope your Superbowl party plan goes off without a hitch, I’ll be answering your questions and lending support if that’s not the case -and cheering you on if it was! If you can’t watch it live, you can check it out (and like it!) any old time. 

Whoever wins the game tonight, remember that your Beacon Team is ALWAYS rooting for you. We’re obsessed with the scoop on all things you!  Shoot us an emailand let us know what’s up!

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Sending sooooooo much Superbowl love and juju.