We say at Beacon that our issues with food and weight are not about food and ALL about food. With Halloween on the horizon, and the stores filled with candy corn, mini kit-cats and the like, I am remiss to not talk about my “favorite” topic when it comes to all things food: our spooky and tricky relationship with… SUGAR.

It took me almost 30 years of a horribly abusive relationship with the white stuff to finally admit: I’m a Sugar addict. Today, I’m gratefully on the other side and can say thatI have a pretty amazing relationship with food and myself – without Sugar coming in and taking me right into drama and demorilization.

Sugar is love. It’s sweet, it brings us the warm fuzzies (followed by the not so warm fuzzies, but that’s another story for another time). It’s part of our childhoods, adolescence, life!  It’s part of our birthday parties, our ending of the nights, our cup of coffee. We are in relationship with sugar mind-body-spirit. Relationship Status: It’s ComplicatedFOR SURE. 

From a strictly biochemical perspective, your relationship with Sugar is a complicated one. Unlike other substances can impact you in two ways, Sugar can impact you in four:

Sugar can be a substance addiction: If you are in a complicated relationship with Sugar, it’s impacting your brain’s reward center in a similar way that alcohol impacts an alcoholic’s. You eat Sugar despite harm it causes you: hello weight gain, demoralizing binges, pre-diabetic symptoms and more!. And you have a hard time controlling the amount you eat: one cookie? hahahahahaha!

Sugar can be a process addiction: Processes addictions like gambling, sex and video gaming can look just like our overeating – aka binging on – Sugar.

Sugar can impact the reward center of your brain: This video nails it – and if you’re not in the mood to click – that “MMMMMMM” feeling when we eat sugar is our nervous system releasing dopamine, the feel good chemical. That big “MMMMM” makes our brain want more more more of that “MMMMMM” feeling. You know the rest of the story…

Sugar impacts your endocrine system: The hormone insulin helps turn blood sugar into energy. When we overeat Sugar, it causes an overage in insulin production. Excess insulin: turns into fat and attacks our brain stem, making us unable to feel full. It also exhausts our insulin receptors (hello type II diabetes!).

How do you know if you’re in an abusive relationship with Sugar? If you think you are, you probably are and there are really good assessments we give at Beaconwhen we are helping you find your solution.

You can read this as super depressing information OR you can read this as information for your solution. Read that again: THERE IS A SOLUTION IF YOU ARE IN A TRICKY RELATIONSHIP WITH SUGAR. Beacon Buzz, Beacon Buddies and Team Beacon has your back. #pinkyswear #wegotthis #breakupwithsugar

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Shine Bright!!