Britta Barlogie, MHC

Admissions director

“Britta is not just an exceptional therapist, she’s an exceptional person. She provides a safe place for me to be honest and provides me with interventions and suggestions to help me build my best life.” -EB

Britta comes to the work at Beacon with a fearless and non-judgmental attitude. She has fierce belief that you have the strength within you to achieve all of your goals and it’s her job to help you to channel and access this strength. Britta is known for cutting right to the chase, and using humor to soften harder moments.

Britta has a Master’s Degree from Loyola University in New Orleans. She also was intensively trained in DBT where she found a treatment modality that she found curative - especially its focus on empowering you with immediate skills you can use through life’s challenges. Britta has also completed Level I of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy training.

Britta has a wholehearted belief in the foundations of Beacon. She’s honored to walk the path with you, as she, herself walks the Beacon path. Britta met Molly and Kirsten serendipitously at a Sensorimotor Psychotherapy training - that meeting proved to be kismet. Almost immediately, Britta packed her bags and made the move to NYC from New Orleans. She’s never looked back and enjoys every minute with her Beacon family.