Nikki Glantz, RD, LDN

Consulting Nutritionist

“Nikki literally saved my life - her humor, empathy, and patience helped me get over my colossal fear of food, and she continues to guide me on my journey.” -JR

Nikki Glantz, RD and LDN, has a passion for the treatment of food addiction and eating disorders. She has earned her stripes at Beacon as our “go-to” person for meal plans and overall dietary expertise.

With more than 10 years of experience in the residential treatment of eating disorders and private practice, Nikki is dedicated to training Beacon’s clinical team in the latest relevant nutrition research with all things food and meal plans.

Nikki is the COO and Program Dietitian at Milestones In Recovery, an inpatient rehabilitation in Cooper City, Florida. Nikki graduated from The University of Florida’s Health Sciences Program and has an advanced degree from Florida International University with a specialty in Dietetics and Nutrition.

Nikki is known for her “real talk” lectures on sugar addiction, helping to find foods that you “LOVE but don’t LOOVVEE”, and for making clients laugh until they cry. Nikki lives in Florida with her husband, David and three sons.