Susan Graves, lmsw

behavioral coach

Client testimonial coming soon!

Susan is passionate about helping clients find their wisest mind and strongest self.  She values the use of DBT and its focus on distress tolerance and mindfulness, which applies in her professional practice as well as in her daily life.

She earned her MSW at Columbia University and brings to Beacon a rich array of life and work experience. In addition to agency work as assistant director of social services with older adults, she has worked as a yoga instructor, massage therapist, hospice volunteer, addiction counselor, and as a content editor for two columns at Prevention Magazine called Choices and Breathing Space. She also wrote a weekly blog called A Pound of Better, about healthy living. Exactly what Beacon is all about!

Her therapeutic expertise derives in part from her personal experience with 32 years in recovery, during which she has maintained sobriety and a large weight loss. She believes wholeheartedly in the possibility of living peacefully without sugar and flour. And she walks this path with you.

Susan is honored to be part of this brilliant team!