From the flower of forgetfulness.

Today, I discovered a fun fact about poppies – something I had never known about the little flower. Poppies are both the symbol of loss of life as a symbol of recovery and new life, especially in support of those servicemen who were damaged physically or emotionally.

In dealing with an eating disorder, it can feel as though you’re going to battle to overcome it, or you’ve been in constant combat for a large portion of your life just trying to survive it. And probably both. Something strikes me every time we hear a client say it – that there’s a grief around the loss of the food, the behaviors, and the habits that have comforted us in our eating disorders as we try to release the crutch of food. It strikes me because they are absolutely right.

So here we are offering up poppies to our amazing readers and family. Because while they are a symbol of loss, they are also a symbol of recovery and rebirth. And these two things go hand in hand with death and letting go. So we encourage you to not be forgetful about where you are in the present moment of grief and letting go – something that requires what we like to call radical acceptance.

Radical acceptance is simply accepting the way things are and the feelings you have about them. Here’s a simple way to practice radical acceptance:

  1. Identify a situation with which you are struggling to accept.
  2. Describe the part of the situation you are finding unacceptable, or the part of you that is not accepting.
  3. Describe the reality of the situation.
  4. List some of the causes leading up to this reality.
  5. Practice accepting with the whole self: mind, body and spirit. Mind through meditation; body through an accepting posture (open hands, half-smile); spirit (statement of acceptance such as ‘it is what it is’).

Photo by Guillaume Flandre on Unsplash