Experiencing compulsive eating disorder may feel a lot like a roller coaster ride about to fly off the rails.

From launching into the “highs” of consuming large volumes of high-fat/high-sugar foods and activating reward centers of the brain to plummeting into the deep lows of medical scares and emotional slumps full of shame and self-loathing, compulsive eating disorder is one heck of a vicious cycle! As the disease becomes less and less manageable with time, the compulsive eating disorder roller coaster only gets more unrestrained and trickles down into all areas of life: close relationships, work, and productivity, self-worth, the list goes on and on.

So how do we bring the turbulent roller coaster to a safe stop?

Well my friends, as we say at Beacon, this is a problem to be solved! We specialize in treating compulsive eating disorder and take a fresh approach to finding permanent solutions to food and weight issues. At Beacon, we teach that one way to step off the wild ride is to instill meal regulation into our daily routine. If we find ourselves skipping meals during the day and then binge eating during late hours of the night, then we can implement more structure around our eating and finally step off the crazy roller coaster ride that has resulted in nauseating stomach aches far too many times. Commit to eating 3-4 hours apart, 4-5 times a day and the roller coaster ride will transform into a smoother, manageable life of freedom from food and weight issues.

We are here to help you get off the roller coaster of compulsive eating and fad diets! Please reach out to your Beacon team to learn more and get support!

Shine Bright,

Your Beacon Team