I know we all have wishes and dreams of these holidays being calm and restorative. Truth is, most holidays are a gathering of people celebrating and connecting… essentially, a party.

Let me tell you, Buddy, there’s nothing food termites love more than a party! A reminder for you if you’re just joining the BuzzIt’s the termite that brings down the house.  You know termites, those little “no big deal” food behaviors – just a bite, just a taste, just a lick, it only has a little sugar – behaviors that add up, to, well, a really big deal. Termites wait until your defenses are down, you are distracted, your wise mind leaves the building, and then they strike.

What’s Buddy to do in a potential termite infestation? That, as we say at Beacon, is a problem to be solved.  Today our solution is in one word:


Our definition of mindfulness is: refocusing your attention back to your wise mind – your highest and best self.  In short: Keeping your eye on the prize and getting your eye back on the prize when your eye gets distracted by cookie, cake, bread pudding, etc.

Commit to your mindfulness practice now – what will it be? Setting an alarm to check in with yourself?  Practicing breathing when you’re feeling a little anxious? Listening to your favorite song when the petit fours start to talk to you? Splashing cold water on your face when Aunt Rhoda won’t stop talking? Find an in-the-moment mindfulness that works for you and then shake whatcha mama gave you. #mindfulnessorbust

And one more incredibly important thing: If you find your metaphoric house full of termites – maybe you are reading this post-holiday, chock full ‘0 termites –remember everything is reparable.  Stop what you are doing, and get back on track.  You can be doing something at 11:58 on Xmas and be doing something completely different (and self-loving) at 11:59. You can exterminate food termites with the use of skills and a consistent mindfulness practice. #youvegotthis