Planes, trains, and automobiles, oh my!

It’s summertime and you’re bipping and bopping here and there – planes, trains, Jitney’s and ferries! Summer is great for exploring, adventuring, maxing and relaxing. And you know you have Team Beacon’s full support in expanding and enjoying that big beautiful life of yours. #wegotyou

Having your recovery in check makes the enjoying and expanding all that more enjoyable and expandable. Let’s be sure not to let the thief and the terrorist that are your food and weight issues steal from your beautiful summer travels. Sound good?

A couple tricks of the trade in the name of jet-setting:

Planning is, and always has been, king (or queen!): The Marines have it right when they say “Fail to plan, plan to fail.” Never have I met a Buddy that said, “I just had too much information and felt too supported on my trip, I’m never planning again!”

Planning comes in all different shapes and sizes depending on your level of willingness and the availability of information. Take a look at the adventure you’re going to take and think about what you can plan for – big and small – that can make attending to your recovery that much easier. And pinky swear that planning, in fact, makes it easier. Can you pack some on-the-go snacks? Check menus? Make sure your sister has raw cashews and ezekiel bread in her house when you get there? Planning can help give you a little extra exhale when it comes to travel and settling in, allowing of you to focus on fun and adventure!

How do you want to FEEL? This is my favorite skill when it comes to travel (shhh don’t tell planning!), and life. Can you imagine your vacay in your head and think about how you want to feel during and after the trip? My answer is usually something like: lighter, peaceful, joyful. Know what behavior is in direct opposition to those feelings? Overeating and eating food that is out of integrity for you. So often, when our food and weight issues take charge, we leave trips feeling bloated, demoralized and generally icky.

Remember, you have the power of choice, Buddies, so think about the end game and how your behaviors can help support how you want to feel. It’s just about the best souvenir you can bring home from your summer fun.

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Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash