It’s really true! We have just the skill to keep you rocking your recovery and to be of service to others this holiday season.  This little but mighty skill belongs to the distress tolerance family and is called contributing.

The good news is that you don’t have to do much research on how to use it- as contributing is exactly what it sounds like!  Contributing simply requires that we extend our time, resources and hearts to someone or something outside of ourselves.  The BEST part about contributing is that when we help others, we are in turn helping ourselves. 

How does it work?

Contributing allows us to:

Engage in meaningful activities that pull us away from destructive behaviors (like binge and overeating!)

Engage in meaningful activities that distract us from destructive thoughts (that can precipitate destructive behaviors!)

Foster meaningful and positive connections with others! 

Generate positive emotions and experiences that build esteem (and are likely to precipitate other esteemable and recovery oriented actions!)

Are you sold yet?

You are?! Great!

So let Beacon help you think of ways to contribute this holiday season to not only avert overeating crises, but to make the world a better place!

Lend an Ear: When was the last time you called your Great Aunt Sally? (We are not judging- we have to call ours too!)  How about your friend that went through that awful break-up?  We bet that there are several people in your life that would be oh so grateful to get a little check in from you!  So pick up the phone or chat over coffee.  Being thoughtful feels so good!  

Volunteer: What’s your favorite cause? Do you love animals? Helping those less fortunate? Whatever it is, we are sure you’d be great at it!  This is also a great way to add some structure into your holiday calendar, and to stay in your Wise Mind where you can be of service!

Donate: There is no greater way to spread holiday cheer than to give away some never or gently used items that can be life-saving to those in need.  If you are really feeling determined to pitch in, you can even organize your own donation drive!  Again, this can be a great way to add structure to your holiday calendar and to stay in your Wise Mind!

Remember, the ways in which you can contribute are certainly not limited to what we have listed here.  Do whatever makes you Shine Bright and honors your recovery!

Finally, the Beacon Program is here to support you with all of your Binge and Overeating inquiries during Holiday time and all year round!

With Love and Light,

The Beacon Team

Happy Holidays!