Some are superheroes, others are just plain villainous.

At Beacon, we are all about the food without being all about the food. Come again? You read that right and here is why: in order to rid ourselves of our unhealthy obsession and abusive relationship with food, we have to actually address the food to make that happen.

Sometimes looking at the food means being flexible – everyone here has learned that flexibility and being limber is what it takes. Whether it be about regulating our meals, doing the best we can in any given situation, or even about the science behind the food, we need to be able to do the limbo on a whim!

In looking at the science behind food for example, we base our practice on the principle that if something changes scientifically about the food (think the fat-free food movement), we will look at what that means for us and our clients.

So when nutritionists start jabbering about this is THE new ‘in’ food, we pay attention and watch for development. And when all come to the same conclusion about the best foods for your body, we perk up. Check out this article to be sure you are getting what the body needs for its best life! From blueberries to avocados to chia seeds, they covered our bases so we didn’t have to!

Eat well and shine bright Beacon Buddies!