Three things cannot long be hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. –Buddha

I’m on my way back from leading a retreat this weekend that focused on meditation, our wise mind, and food. What a time I had! It’s possible that I’m floating.

The concept that was unfolding over and over at the retreat this weekend was: KNOWING YOUR TRUTH.

Do you know your truth?

The idea of truth comes in all different shapes and sizes throughout teachings religious and spiritual: “To thine own self be true”; “The truth will set you free”; “Truth is my identity”; The truth in me honors the truth in you.” And so on. “Why is the truth so important in helping me solve my issues with food and weight?” Great question, Buddies.

In my day, I have listened to a hundred thousand stories of people’s bingeing episodes and missteps with food. At the very bottom of each and every one is a misalignment with their true selves: Saying yes when they mean no; saying nothing when they want to say something; not taking action when they wish they had – not knowing who they really are. Not knowing their truth – in essence, going against, or making a transgression against, their truest selves and against their truths.

At the very end of the day, your wise mind is the person that you have to report to, and if your day is filled with a lack of integrity and esteem, it’s a very hard place to live. Sometimes the only salve for that kind of misalignment lies in a piece of cake, candy, or bag of chips.

Here’s a truthbomb buddies: I have been dimming my truth in the Beacon Buzz. I have been quieting my message around my beliefs about food addiction. When it comes to solving your issues with food and weight, I have been talking spirituality, and have not been sharing my truth about how the food impacts your overall struggle. I have dimmed my truth that because I’ve been worried about you not liking me or my message. At the retreat this weekend, I was reminded that I am stronger than I know. And so are you.Telling the truth is the greatest gift I can give to myself and to you.

If your food’s out of order, you can’t find your truth. What do you want to do about that today? What choices do you want to make in the name of living your truth? Is the food supporting or taking you away from your truth?

Do you have a problem with sugar that you’re ignoring? Are you struggling with releasing weight and not willing to challenge how much food you truly need? Are you down with your problem with sugar and not willing to address issues with flour?

Ask yourself: “Is it time to get brave?” “Is it time to make a change?” What are you willing to do? Even the smallest step will have you living in more integrity closer to your truth. Something is always better than nothing.

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Loving you and your truth, Buddies. Until next week.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash