Focus on the recovery, not the numbers.

There are so many opinions over this very subject when it comes to weighing in and stepping on that scale. Some state doing it daily is THE ONLY WAY to lose the weight. Others suggest doing it every other day, and still others say once a month. Opinions are like assholes folks.

So here’s ours (I NEVER promised that we weren’t assholes): only do it every other week or less unless you can come up with THE VERY BEST reason why. Hint: there is never a very best reason unless it is medically ordered.

Here’s why: In our experience, when a person wants to know what they weigh (we do blind weighing here as a way to reaffirm that a client is eating what they say they are), they lose sight of what is most important: the behaviors that got them to us in the first place.

Inevitably, when a person is told their weight (or weighs themselves), one of two things happen: the number is lower than they thought or they’ve reached their ‘goal weight’ and it’s reason to celebrate. Enter sugary binges and alcohol fueled parties. On the other hand, if a person is above where they originally thought they were, it could inspire the same reaction (binge + party = the fuck its). And the worst part is, most times the ones asking for their numbers don’t even know how they will react so it’s difficult to prevent or prepare for it.

Every other week gives people time between weigh-ins to see a difference and correct any weight gain or loss as needed. It also provides people with a respite from the scale and the numbers. What we generally see at Beacon is that when people cannot take their focus off of the weight (the lie and weigh themselves at home), they tend to GAIN weight not lose it. The number and not the reasons why become the focus of the recovery and as we say here, weight loss isn’t a goal but rather a side effect.