Have you ever surveyed the damage in the aftermath of a binge and thought, “why me?”.

Why does everyone else seem to have a ‘normal’ relationship with food, and I can’t go to dinner with friends without plotting what I’m going to binge on the second I get home?

Do you get angry, mad, or jealous at those who can seemingly eat whatever they want and never gain a pound or eat your trigger foods without the compulsive need to binge? That envy of wanting what another person has or desire to wish you could be different is to dismiss the unique individuality that is you. Have you ever heard the expression ‘if everyone threw their problems up in the air, you’d still want to catch your own?’ Embrace the suck, know that everyone has their own ‘thing’ that you may know nothing about, and this just happens to be yours.

This is your truth and your reality, and after the darkness comes the dawn. If you can get through the struggle, you will achieve the inevitable strength that’s on the other side. Wishing you were someone other than yourself does not change who you are. Your path towards creating a healthy relationship with food will not be rooted in hate or jealousy towards other people who aren’t experiencing your same challenges. Your path towards freedom is paved in acceptance.

Leave your envy for those who don’t binge at the door, and start stepping into your own plan of action and leading a life you love.


Shine Bright!


Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash