I’ve been in a bit of a self-reflective space this week – remembering what things used to be like in the dark years of my diet drama and diet trauma. And boy can those memories of binges, pants splitting open and general hopelessness get real vivid. 

It may seem odd, but I get pretty grateful when those memories seep their way back in. In having a time machine to the way that things were, I can be even more appreciative for the way that things are. Do you find yourself getting caught in the traps that society throws your way? I sure can. Spend five minutes on social media and the not-enoughs and not-worthies can appear out of thin air!

Perception is everything. I can take the shame of my past, the hurt, the lost time and opportunity and harbor on it, allowing it to flourish and seize my thoughts and actions. Or I can appreciate the lessons I’ve learned from it – often hard-earned from a hard-headed gal like me – and find silver-linings and gratitude. And this gratitude is the most nourishing of all.

And in many ways, remembering our dark times helps to protect us from going back there. And when we are talking about food recovery, the process is so often filled with speed bumps, detours and flat tires. “Hitting bottom” can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes – being open and willing to the lessons that come along is the key.

Reality check: you may be reading this thinking, “Nice for you, Molly. Congrats on your successes. Good. For. You. (cue cysicism). I’m still here struggling, deeeeeeeeeep in the diet drama and trauma. How does this apply to me?”

I totally get it. Totally and completely. Here are your teaching points, Buddies:

  1.  We can all overcome. It takes openness – like asking and re-asking for help (and then maybe asking again), perseverance, and a willingness to do things differently, but it’s totally possible.
  2. As the old proverb says, “This too shall pass.” The good passes, the bad passes, it all passes. It’s about how we survive the struggle. How we navigate what is handed to us in the hard times that count.

When you’re struggling, can you recall a time you were tested? Another time you’ve taken a challenge and turned it into a lesson? Can you call on that power and strength? What did you do? What skills did you use? How did you get through?

Remember Buddies, our dark times – and our conquering them – form us. They create opportunity to learn about our own ability and our own courage.

You are stronger than you know, Buddies. #truth

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Shine Bright!!

Photo by Aron on Unsplash