As we say at Beacon, “It’s not about the food and it’s all about the food.” We talk about getting your mind into tip-top shape to navigate your path with food – and, in that way, your struggle isn’t about the food. And, if your food isn’t in order, if you don’t have some sort of meal plan and meal prep, we can’t get your brain in tip-top condition. And, in that way, your struggle is completely about the food.

Many of the issues we hear you talking about that interfere with your ability to navigate your food with ease that it feels too hard. That’s why I’m here today to talk about ways to do easy peasy meal prep. It doesn’t have to be so hard!

Let’s get to the business of solving your dilemma! Meal prep has an important word in it – preparation. We talk all the ding dong day about planning at Beacon and meal prep is no different. Fail to plan? Plan to fail. And plan to make the food feel reallllllllly hard.

In order to prep with ease, you’ll need some front-end planning – most specifically the what, the when, and the how to get the food you need. That may seem like a daunting task. I hear you!  Please remember meal prep is a skill. Like all the other skills you’ve acquired it takes a minute to get good at it. You’ve got this!

 Here are some ideas for putting ease into the meal prep process:

  • Pick a time each week or day to meal prep – play some fun music, talk to a friend, or listen to a podcast while you’re chopping or getting the food ready!
  • Make some fave go-to options – monotony in food won’t work. And there are too many Pinterest boards and blogs that can help to make your food prep fun. Need some ideas for this weekend? Check out one of my favorite sites for ideas right here!
  • Practice, practice, practice   – yep, you even need to practice prepping, so you can master how you meal prep for success! And if you’re having a hard time committing to that, you can always ask for help!

Having the skill of meal prep will make your relationship with food much more seamless, easy, and peaceful. And perhaps that’s worth the price of planning.