Your time matters, and I know how valuable your time is. Do you?

I know we can all lose sight of how much time ma. I see so many people who are exhausted and resentful from saying “yes,” “yes,” “yes,” to everything that comes in their path. I see people in regret because they are “killing time” – sitting on their hands hoping everything turns out fine without any action. I see people who are angry and frustrated, spending their time doing things that don’t help them to shine bright or don’t serve their highest good.
Sound familiar? Our time is our most valuable commodity. You can’t get more of it, and while I believe that all things in life are repairable, the truth with time is that when it’s over, it’s over. #yolo
Misusing your time for things that don’t help your highest good, or feeling that you are “wasting time,” can most certainly impact your issues with food and weight. And, as we say at Beacon, it’s a problem to be solved.

Valuing time is an issue of priority.

It’s a whole lot easier to feel good about what you are spending time on when you know what means the most to you. And please know, I am writing this one-handed with my other fingers crossed that your recovery is at the very top of that list. We know that when your recovery is on the top of your priority list, everything else falls into place. The things we put before our recovery we usually don’t do so well. #understatement

For those “yessers” and self-diagnosed “people-pleasers,” remember this: everything you are saying yes to, you are also saying no to something else. And, usually, that thing you’re saying no to is you. And that leads to an icky relationship with yourself. #truthbomb

Even more than time, YOU are the most precious commodity around, Buddy.

So pleeeeease don’t be giving your time away like it’s no big deal. It is. Get your priorities in place. Be precise with who and where you place your time and energy. Choose to use your time in places that mean the most to you – where your wise mind is whispering (or maybe even screaming). It’s the essence of integrity and self-love and you’ll have you to thank!