The transition to summer can be such a thrill —- or not! 

For people with a history of food and weight issues there might be a shrill of horror rather than a thrill of summer. 

Even if you have released some weight and made enormous progress, the well-worn summer groove of fear and panic might set in at the precipice of summer. We get it. 

If diet culture has had you in its grip for years, the conditioning when flowers bloom and humidity rises might be to feel dread.  Anticipation of bathing suits, beaches, picnics, barbecues, tank tops, jean shorts and sleeveless nights might trigger terror, not excitement.  Summer might conjure up dreams of ice cream binges, not sunbathing and swimming. For some, summer means chafing thighs, belly rolls and sweaty strolls. 

Years of internal conditioning do not dissipate with the release of weight. It is common to be at a healthy weight and get retraumatized by summer.

But we can reimagine summer and create new memories from this day forward.  We can create new conditioning. 

At Beacon that is what we do.  We help you create a brand-new relationship with food, with yourself and with your body.  We have a boatload of skills to help you push through the resistance to living a joyful life. Skills that start with breaking up with Sugar and flour. Skills like distress tolerance and emotional regulation.

It starts with being brave and letting go of self-destructive food behaviors and negative patterns of thinking.  It starts with making loving connections with a community and using skill building to let freedom into every season of your life. 

This is what we do at Beacon. This is what you deserve. Don’t wait. Summer is just one season, but there is beauty to this one season. Let this be the season of your commitment to yourself and the most amazing summer of your life. 

Shine bright! 

Photo by Hannah Morgan on Unsplash