Halloween can be a tricky time for those who have decided to give up sugar, especially since the holiday has traditionally revolved around all sorts of sweet treats and candy! Here are some ideas on how to maneuver the holiday without being spooked out by all the tasty temptations!

Well, we have made it once more around the sun to find ourselves on the brink of  All Hallows’ Eve.
I’m pretty into this holiday for a lot of reasons – anytime you can dress like a unicorn, wear glitter with reckless abandon, and do the thriller dance like a boss is a value-added day to me!
What I’m not into … wait for it…. shocking twist … announcement of the century … is the drug den of sugar that accompanies all of the fun costuming and partying.  #duh
What is a Buddy who is giving up sugar to do with a holiday that is based SOLELY around sugar?!! That’s, as we say at Beacon, a problem to be solved.  Hold on to your Wonder Woman costume cape and let’s get skillful!
New Treats! And I’m not talking about making cute Halloween fruit skewers in lieu of mini kit-kats (though that’s a fab idea)… If you’re going to stick to giving up sugar and survive Halloween with dignity and grace, you’re going to have to make new traditions that don’t involve food.  Can you get obsessed with making and appreciating costumes?  With apple bobbing?  Can you judge a best costume contest? Make Halloween jingles with your kids, nieces, or simply your besties? Making new traditions takes the focus off the sugar and on to the real fun that’s to be had on Halloween!
No means no. Thinking of having “just a little” or a “it’s no big deal” bite this Halloween?  Think again.  Pleeeeeeassssseeeeee?  I know it doesn’t feel like a big deal, but if you’re sugar sensitive, hitting the candy – the absolute cocaine of sugar – is going to make an impact on your brain chemistry = no bueno.  
Many Buddies find it easier to have a hard line on Halloween candy. Again, I know deceptive part of you thinks one little Snickers or Fun Dip or Milky Way or won’t hurt, and I encourage you – before Halloween – to do some searching of the history of your life and find a time when just one was… well, just one.  Not starting in on the Halloween candy makes it easier to not have to stop, making November 1st a day of pride, rather than a day of shame, bloat and demoralization.