While those 48 glorious hours of unstructured time can sure be a treat… many of us struggling with Binge Eating find it difficult to navigate our recovery without adequate structure.  Here at Beacon we ran through a couple of wonky weekend scenarios with recommendations and skills to keep you in the game and winning!

So What Happens When…..

I hit snooze (sleep past my typically scheduled morning meal time)?  

  • Eat a well balanced recovery friendly meal within an hour of waking up
  • Regulate meals/snacks every 3-4 hours

I am out until 2 am (studying of course) and I get hungry again?! 

  • Use your Wise Mind and pack an extra recovery friendly snack to keep up with meal regulation and to avert urges for the 3:00 AM diner special!

I miss a meal or snack in the weekend fun? 

  • If it has been less than an hour since your missed snack or meal, go ahead and have it!  Proceed with meal regulation throughout the remainder of the day.
  • Has it been more than an hour since you missed a meal or snack? Time for a recovery friendly meal! Continue to regulate accordingly.

Golden Rules for Structure Success:

  1. Consistency! It is best practice to keep your weekend meal plan and structure as close to your weekday routine as possible to avert Binge Eating episodes.
  2. Flexibility! Some weekend events will inevitably pull us away from our typical routine.  There is always a version/modification of our plan that works.
  3. Always keep an extra recovery friendly snack or two on hand- keeping regulated is the name of the game!

In any circumstance, if you are feeling anxious over getting back to plan, reach out to your therapist, nutritionist, and/or trusted OA mentor to review the game plan for the remainder of the day!

For more great tips and skills to manage Binge Eating, follow us on Tuesday’s!