Time sure flies! All of a sudden we are 9 days away from Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is like the Food Olympics for many of us with compulsive eating disorder, and to snatch that gold medal requires our very best selves, our wisest of minds and the greatest hits of our ninja skills.  And that means a lot of planning. #gameon

You may be thinking, “Going for the Gold on Thanksgiving? Yeah RIGHT. I’m at the mercy of my family, friends, traditions, travel! There is no way that Thanksgiving can be controlled by me enough to make a plan.”  First off, that thought needs to take a hike.  Pronto.  Because successfully navigating Thanksgiving with compulsive eating disorder, is, as we say at Beacon, a problem to be solved.
The Marines have it right when they say, “Fail to plan, plan to fail.” If you’re going into this safari we call Thanksgiving without having researched it, bought and studied your guidebook, and gotten a ton of support along the way, then you’re in trouble, Buddy. We want you to have Tgiving success. In fact, we’re obsessed with it.
Remember how you may have felt in past Thanksgivings? Imagine leaving Thanksgiving this year feeling proud of your decisions and light in your soul. You deserve to feel that way. Here are some quick tips:
Have your route mapped out. From the moment you walk into the door, to the moment you walk out, have an idea (the more info the better) about what and when you will be putting things into your mouth.  That may mean that you have to walk away from cocktail hour, or bring a side dish so you are guaranteed to have something that satisfies you, or if you’re not sure of what is being served, commit to one plate of no-sugar-or-flour food at dinner.  With planning, something is always better than nothing when it comes to managing your compulsive eating disorder.
Skills, skills, and more skills. ​​​​​​​Because life does tend to get lifey, especially on big holidays, bring your favorite skills along for when your plan gets thwarted or your blood pressure gets a little higher than your wise mind can handle.  Know what skills you are going to use if the going decides to get tough.  This includes: putting some ice on your neck, splashing cold water on your face, calling a friend, listening to an inspiring song, bringing some essential oils to smell, taking a quick walk. There are more skills than I can list, so pick five and commit to them.
Bring me with you.  No seriously. Join me at 9am on Thanksgiving Day for Beacon‘s Pre-Game Coaching Fiesta on Facebook Live!  I’ll be helping you – IRL – to fill your toolbox with tricks and skills, answering your questions and concerns and getting you all pepped up to make this Thanksgiving the best one yet!  All you need to do is “Like” Beacon on Facebook (a great idea for a whole host of reasons) and set your alarm to join us! #easypeasy #rockthanksgivingright
With enough planning and prepwork to build your confidence around Thanksgiving, you can go for the gold this year. We believe in you, buddy!