Braving the craving… it turns out that imagery can help us manage powerful food cravings that many of us have succumbed to at one point or another. The craving itself isn’t really the problem. It’s when we act on these cravings where things get tricky.

You may notice that cravings are typically for those calorie-dense, processed foods with refined flour and added sugars. Not too many of us out there are worried about falling victim to the elusive broccoli craving. So, what do you when the cravings come’a knocking?

Try visual imagery as a distraction! Psychology professor Dr. Jon May purports that the brain distraction technique of visualization is incredibly effective in helping to manage even the doughnuttiest of cravings. In one of Dr. May’s studies he asks college students to envision doing something they find enjoyable, unrelated to eating. When engaging in these visualization tactics participants of the study reported reduced food cravings as well as consumption of fewer calories in subsequent days following (

Some ideas of what to visualize instead of eating: Spending a beautiful day in a park with people you love, petting your favorite cat or dog, doing some arts and crafts, making ceramics or spinning a pottery wheel, getting a massage, driving with the windows down and your favorite music blasting or walking along a beach at sunset.

Test out your imagination and see where it takes you! 

Shine bright!