One of the ways to lose weight starts with stopping the harm we are inflicting on our bodies.

In our conversations about discovering ways to lose weight, we don’t talk so much about issues with your bodies. And one thing I feel is super important to remember when we are hating on our bodies – feeling fat, feeling that our bodies are too big, too old, too round, too blubbery, too, too too – you get the idea – is this: it is really hard, dare I say impossible to have any freedom from your body when you are doing harmful things to your body.
Makes unfortunate sense, right? So, while getting some freedom from your self-loathing, self-harming thoughts about what you look like and the body you live in is, as we say at Beacon, a problem to be solved, it’s also often a problem that’s first problem is something having nothing to do with your body, but rather your behavior. 
Let me break it down for you: If you are doing things that you know are harmful to yourself, and to your recovery from your issues with food and weight, it’s super hard slash impossible to have any semblance of appreciation, acceptance or love for your body. And I mean all the things – overeating, binging, undereating, adding volume, eating foods you know don’t serve you, grazing, pretending things are on your plan that aren’t, skipping meals, adding snacks, picking at other people’s food – you get the idea, No matter how hard you want to find ways to lose weight, love your body, be at peace with your body or anything in between, your behavior overrides those wants every single time.
So take a minute, and think about your Food Foundation and where it may need some tweaking and adding of integrity. Channel your wise mind, or your Beacon Team, or what you would prescribe as a plan for someone you love the most.  Can you take one step this week to move closer to that ideal?  Maybe even two steps closer? If you can’t, can you reach out for some help to move closer? Because, Buddy, you deserve freedom from ALL THE THINGS holding you back from your big, beautiful life. #bethechange #yourock #noseriouslyyourock