So you woke up on the first day of the year and resolved to eat healthier this year so you can finally have that solid weight management relationship you have been striving for. First of all, GOOD FOR YOU. Seriously, you rock – it’s a big deal to recommit to weight management and total health. And, I totally believe you can do it: 2017 is your year! #goteam

Now let’s get to the follow through – because a resolution is only as good as its plan. What goes really, really wrong when we make these resolutions is that we go on diets. And, usually these diets are of the super sexy, fancy, restrictive, crash, or destination variety. As amazing as these diets look, they aren’t going to help you to achieve your goals.

I will say it again and again and again: your resolve to eat healthy and finally have solid weight management in your life is NOT a diet. It is a way of life. I know you want to have sustainable and long-term success, and I know you don’t want this on 2018’s resolution list. So let’s put our thinking caps on to make your weight management solution work for good.

How do you know if your resolution is of the short-term-fleeting variety or a long-term-weight management-sustainable solution? It can be tricky.

First things first: do you want to find an off ramp? Are you so excited for your plan to end (maybe even before it’s begun)? Are you hoping for day 30 of the detox on day 1? Big. Red. Flag. Run from this plan!!! You need to find a plan that you can sustain. One that you can show up to on the daily and one that fits into your big, beautiful life. #winwin

The data show us that the people who really succeed at weight management find a program that can last. Again, this can’t include those sexy diets that require you to hold on for dear life until you fail.  The problem with all of those diets is that they have end points. And usually, those end points are big binges, taking you father and father away from your resolution and leaving you feeling shameful and demoralized. #loselose

Long term weight management – the kind that lasts – requires that you find a plan that you can do day in and day out. And, my sweet black and white thinkers, there is no off ramp with a program that works! Long term weight management is never about taking the off ramp – we know that you will mess up from time to time – deviations happen! But messing up and GIVING UP are totally different concepts. And sustainable success is about never ever giving up. #yougotthis