We’ve all heard about the importance of getting enough H2O¬†but how much do you really know about the quality of your water? ????

Team Beacon recently came across a fascinating article titled,¬†“Elements of Good Drinking Water: Is Your Water Safe to Drink?”¬†After reading it, I had to acknowledge how little attention I actually pay to the quantity and quality of water I’m drinking on the daily. If you’re like a lot of us, you probably relate to having good days and¬†not-so-good days when it comes to keeping that body hydrated. Give the article a read (link below) and you’ll be surprised by all the nitty gritty details about what we should look for in our drinking water.¬†Here is a summary of some of the interesting tidbits that stood out:

Key Factors to Good Drinking Water:

  1. Free of contaminants¬† ¬†–¬†filtered water to avoid chemicals, contaminants¬†and harmful toxins
  2. Rich in minerals¬† –¬†naturally occurring minerals stick around after the purification process¬†
  3. ph level –¬†ph level between 6.0-9.0
  4. Micro-clustered –¬†what the heck does that mean?¬†¬†That means when water is “electrolyzed” there will be smaller groupings of water molecules which = improved hydration.
  5. Needs to taste good –¬†well this seems obvious if you’ve ever had bad tasting water – it’s gotta taste good in order for us to opt for that second glass versus a coffee or a soda.

If you want to know more specific details about how to purify your water the article identifies some really creative methods, including solar disinfection! Aside from those fascinating facts the article concludes with an important reminder¬†of how much water we actually need to drink every day = 2.7 liters for women and 3.7 liters for men. And, if you experience a lot of headaches, dry skin, muscle cramping, or dark colored urine it may be a sign you need to¬†‚¨ÜÔłŹ¬†increase that H2O!

Whatever your relationship is to your drinking water, it seems there is more to think about than just pouring yourself a glass. Stay hydrated beacon buddies!

Shine Bright!

Link to article: https://waterfilteranswers.com/elements-good-drinking-water/

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash