No, not the Ghostbusters. Many of us struggle in communicating our feelings, and when it comes to describing our bad feelings, it can be even harder. Many of us suffer from many different problems. Whether it’s food addiction, anxiety, or even just a stressful day, it can be challenging in communicating this to others, especially when we need help.

The first thing we have to do is realize we need help. It can be a struggle to admit that you need help because your biggest doubter is yourself. Take note of how you feel. Do some research. Do other people feel the way you do? Ask some of your friends about how they’re feeling and compare (don’t compare too much-everyone is different) their feelings to yours. Getting feedback and doing research can help you convince yourself.

When you’re ready to ask or get help, make sure you’re comfortable. Make sure you want to do what you’re doing, but also realize you might feel much better once you do seek help. Go to someone you trust or go to a professional, and tell them how much ever you want. Remember, this was your decision; you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Let whoever you tell know that this was a big step for you and ask them to honor your confidentiality. This information is yours, not theirs. In doing all of this, never forget why you’re doing it. You are seeking help to improve. Wanting to improve isn’t a bad thing, no matter what anyone says.

Sometimes, we need help. Before we can seek help, we must admit to ourselves that we need help. Once we do that, we can choose where to get help. We should be comfortable in seeking help because this is our choice, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to better ourselves.

Shine Bright!!