For some people, creating a healthier relationship with food also comes with a desire to lose weight. This desire however, can often evoke anxious thoughts when it comes to snapping pictures.

“Ugh, I look so fat!”

“Please don’t post that picture. I hate the way I look!”

For those struggling with their body image, binge eating, food addiction or dieting…photo time can be very triggering. While some folks love being in front of the camera, others cringe the moment they hear their friend say,“let’s take a cute picture!”

Our inner self-critic can easily appear in these moments. Particularly when we ascribe a great deal of meaning to these photos.

What if however, we took our power back on what a picture means to us?

We can put A LOT of our power into a photo. It reminds me of a scene from one of my favorite romcom’s, Notting Hill. The movie stars Julia Roberts who plays a famous actress dating a common Englishman, played by Hugh Grant. There’s a pivotal scene in this movie where she nearly throws away love (and Hugh) for the sake of a picture. Seriously! That is a lot of weight put in one photograph.

Think about how many times you’ve glanced at a picture of yourself and your whole mood has changed. Your happiness is suddenly robbed from you all because that inner critic reared its head.

So, what if we decided to quiet that inner critic voice next time we look at a photo of ourselves? What if we focused on enjoying the moment and experience instead of zooming in to assess the width of our arms?

And hey, certain feelings and thoughts may still surface. That’s okay. Gently notice your thoughts and feelings, practice acceptance and move forward. While it may not be true love waiting on the other side, at least your ability to truly enjoy the moment is possible.

Make your summer memories about what you actually want them to be about: the memories! If your picture is taken, it’s likely that someone wanted to capture a special moment.

So, enjoy the moment, be present and stand tall in your power!

Shine Bright!

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash