Food addiction is NOT about willpower. Your struggles with food and emotional eating are not a matter of personal weakness but have a lot to do with your brain chemistry.

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File under: “Sooooooo Interesting” – this article that I’ve been dying to chat with you about. I know you’re busy, so I’ll sum it up for you: Willpower is for chumps. Seriously. Study after study after study is telling us that to try to make changes based on willpower alone is nearly impossible. Why? Mostly, there is a finite amount of willpower that our brains can use – and for many of us, that willpower is tapped out after our mid-day coffee!

If you’ve spent any time with us at Beacon, you know we talk a LOT about the WISE MIND. The WISE MIND is the synthesis of our rational mind and our emotion mind. Essentially, it’s our highest and best self – our true north.  Relying on willpower alone doesn’t work because it relies only on the rational part of our brains – only one half of the solution. If you’re struggling with you food and weight issues, we may have bit the jackpot in finding your problem!

What can you do if you think willpower is your exclusive answer? That, as we say at Beacon, is a problem to be solved. We need to get your WHOLE WISE MIND into the solution, and that means accessing your emotions. Bringing the E game helps to make your commitment matter. And understanding emotional eating is where it’s at!

Your answer? Gratitude, pride and compassion. Your choice – choose one or choose all. Accessing these emotions – whether through a daily gratitude list, following through with your to-do list (creating pride), or being of service to others (compassion) – has been shown to enhance your self control AND help you feel more connected, and less lonely. #buyonegetall #sciencerocks

What is one action you can commit to this week to cultivate your gratitude, pride or compassion? Remember, move a muscle, change a thought. You got this!