The end of the year is near. Holidays are coming and going, and soon, 2019 will be upon us. With the end in sight, it’s easy to become lax on our routines, diets, and goals. We need to stay in gear and finish strong so that we can start strong in the new year.

Losing track of your goals is easy. Many people quit trying to reach their goals towards the end of the year because they just want to try and jumpstart back again in January. But this is pointless. If you give up now, you will have no progress to work with when it comes time to start new goals. Write out the tasks you need to complete to reach your goal and continue working on those tasks.

Stick to your routine. Holidays make the perfect excuse to get off routine, but don’t fall into their trap. Stick to what you’ve been doing and continue to find ways to improve your routine. If a holiday comes up and your routine has to waver a little bit, make slight changes, but don’t completely abandon what you’ve been doing. Bad habits are easy to form.

Keep up with your diet. The holiday season is full of family, friends, and food. Don’t let the first two distract you from the third. Make plans to keep up with your diet when you are surrounded by your friends and family. It’s so easy to go back to old ways during holidays because you can become so caught up in it all that you lose focus. Have a plan and stick to what you know.

Don’t let the end of the year and the holidays start you on a downward spiral. Finish out your year with a bang, and keep up the progress you’ve been making.

Shine Bright!!