Wondering how to stop eating harmfully now that Memorial Day has arrived?

Sunday was Memorial Day, the un-official start of summer, and of party season. We know that this weekend you may have been invited to a picnic, a party, or 10 … and with parties comes food, food, and more food. And not the kind of food that we have come to love and feel safe with.

Summer parties can make a Buddy feel like a real party pooper … fast. And you know you didn’t go head-on conquering your issues with food and weight to feel even remotely party-pooping. Fear not, Buddies, we are here to support your efforts to get these parties started right, and give you tips for how to stop eating harmfully this summer season.
You know your Beacon team always hooks you up with tips for how to stop eating harmfully for the big events. Let’s take a pause and remember what we are celebrating here on Memorial Day – those who have served and sacrificed for our country. Let’s try to make the weekend about your life and the deeper meaning of this holiday, not just your food.
Your Memorial Day parities are, as we say at Beacon, a problem to be solved. Here are some suggestions, with a Memorial Day twist, to help you rock your party right.
Plan. It. Out. We ARE honoring our amazing service men and women – so as they say in the Marines, “Fail to Plan. Plan to Fail.” So plan it out Buddies! There is no plan, big or small, that cannot be useful in you rocking your Memorial Day fiestas. Something as small as “just one plate” or more elaborate like calling your friends ahead and seeing what they are serving to better negotiate your success. Or if you want to be really gangster, bring some Beacon-friendly dishes to the party! This plan of action can totally help other people looking to avoid the macaroni salad, chips, cheese puffs, and brownies. What a win-win! One of my favorite websites to look at is Hungry Girl – with a smidge of tweaking, you can make so many of her recipes Beacon friendly. Check it out! 
In the service of others. Take the focus off of you and what you can, and can’t, eat (after you’ve solidified your plan, obvi) and move it on to others. This is the very best of distraction skills. Being of service to others can look like: helping your cousin at the BBQ with her new baby, helping the host of the party with all the responsibilities, talking to the guy in the corner at the party who looks as awkward as you may feel, calling your Beacon Buddies to check in on how they are doing on their Memorial Day journey. The list goes on and on – and we know that taking the focus off of you and throwing it onto someone else helps to quiet the voices rationalizing drinking sangria because it’s made of fruit. It also helps you to feel esteemable, which adds to your self-esteem bank account. Win-win, take two.
Gratitude practice. If you don’t have a regular gratitude practice, Memorial Day couldn’t be a more perfect day to get started. Not only is it legit in its scientific foundations, it’s a great way to get through your Memorial Day event schedule. Why? Well, to quote one of my fave spiritual gurus, Wayne Dyer, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” So, if you are looking for little yahoos and gratitudes and things that warm your heart even a little, your whole perspective is changing. It can be as small as being grateful for getting one of the lounge chairs at the party or as big as being grateful for the family you are getting to see, the food that you have been given to eat, and the party that you were even invited to. Win-win, take three. #triplethreat
A day doesn’t go by where I’m not grateful for you, Buddies. For REAL. And I know I speak for my job-loving-staff who are in total agreement. Please remember we are here to help guide and support you and pleeeeeeease be in touch! We are always wanting to know all the things going on in the life of our Buddies.​​​​​​​
Wondering what’s going on with us? We have a whole lot of Beacon waiting for you – including a “Sunday Sit Down” support group with Jaimie next Sunday morningJune 4th and a workshop on meditation with Kirsten on June 25th –  sign up here.  And for those of you Buddies who want to know more about what we are offering to help you Shine Bright at Beacon please remember there is always the option for a free strategy session with me (and pass it on!).