Hard-working women, go home earlier to avoid this disease.

A 2016 study in Japan saw a direct connection between diabetes risk and those workers who did more than 45 hours of non-shift work, or work that conforms to a regular daytime schedule. How is this possible?

During the workweek, it might seem as if everything keeps piling up right in front of you. With the thought of what life would be like without having a job in the back of your head, you work and work, sometimes staying late, to get everything done. Work is all you think about day in and day out. On your way home, you think back to work, laying in bed, you think about how to get your work done; it’s an endless loop. Work, work, work. But what is this doing to your mental health? Is work really all you should be thinking about?

Have you ever been so caught up in a thought that you miss your train stop or almost walk into someone? Thinking about work can be like that. When you only think about what you need to get done in the office, things like eating and sleep become subsidiary.  Soon, you pay no attention to what you’re eating, things start spiraling out of control, and, unknowingly, you begin stress eating. This is where diabetes, food addiction,  and other illnesses come into play.  Women face enough stress as it is, and added stress from the workplace makes things even worse, causing things like food addiction and diabetes. What’s the solution? How do you stop this stress from building up? How do you get back in control of your eating habits?

Establish Boundaries.

When you come home, be in the moment. Put your phone away and leave those emails left unchecked. Creating a distinct boundary between your personal and work life is important in achieving gratitude.

Plan. Plan. Plan.

Meal planning is one of the most important steps in overcoming food addiction. Plan your meals for the week and stick to them. Meal planning eliminates the stress of figuring out what to eat and gives you a chance to combat your overeating.

Try Meditation.

Meditation is the easiest way to clear your mind of all negativity. Meditation takes no time at all and helps lessen the stress of work or whatever it may be. Provide your mind with the gratitude it deserves and take time to meditate. Click here for help with meditation techniques and practices.

Put Yourself First

Putting you and your health first is what matters most. Put effort into whatever works for you to see a difference. Change comes you.