Fun fact about me: a few years back, I was trained as a shaman. It was one of the most interesting and mind-spirit-body opening experiences of my life. On the third day of training, my teacher, Shaman Stuart, said a radical thing to our group: “Your body is your friend.” Stopped me in my tracks.

I brazenly raised my hand: “Um, Shaman Stuart, I’m not quite sure you understand my history with my body – we aren’t friends. We’re not quite enemies, but let’s just say… it’s complicated.”

And so started one of the most important conversations I would have – and continue to have. My body is my friend, Stuart explained. In fact, it loves me far more than I love it sometimes. It constantly shows up healthy for me, despite years of abuse and neglect. It regenerates itself even in the face of overuse and lack of sleep. My body is just about the best friend I have – and I have pretty amazing friends.

Here I was, trying to become a spiritual healer –  shaming my body, wishing it was different – and in years past hating my body, doing the most despicable and unbelievable things to make it look different and “better” (whatever that means). No friendship or relationship can thrive like that.

That experience gave me the power to come back committed to myself and to helping you do the same in learning to love the body that you’re in while creating a healthier you. It became clear to me, sitting with my loving, smiling teacher Stuart, that something needed to change with me and with all of us. That our long-term success with our food and weight issues had to include making peace with our bodies, making friends with them. If not body love, then at least body respect, body appreciation, body acceptance. And that’s no easy feat. We’ve spent years in the “not-enoughs,” self-loathing, frankly, the media-obsessed idea that thin is the only way to be lovable. And in that, we’ve abandoned ourselves. And there is no way to have a sustainable recovery when we are busy kicking ourselves to the curb. Something has GOT to change. I came back from that training with a new respect for my body and a commitment to repair the most important relationship I have in this world – the relationship I have with myself and a commitment to help you do the same.

Last year, I met one of the most amazing people and teachers to cross my path in years, Patricia Moreno – the founder of intenSati and Spiritual Fitness. It’s hard to find like-minded people to combine forces – and in Patricia, I have. She is fierce; she is loving; she is wise. Like me, she walks the walk she talks, and like me, she is close-to-obsessed with helping you find a solution and break free of what is holding you back from your highest and best self.

Headline: Patricia and I are banding together in the name of helping you find peace and freedom – body, mind and soul. Sound interesting? Come join us at our monthly Wake Up Call! on October 13th from 9-12pm – sign up here! 

Getting into a different relationship – one of friendship and acceptance – with your body is more possible than you know. #wegotyourback #wakeupcall

Guess who is guest starring with me on the Afterparty tonight? Yup, you guessed it, Patricia Moreno. I’m obviously SO EXCITED. Join me! Beacon’s Facebook Page  – 8:30 tonight. I cannot WAIT see you there or watch the replay – and please leave me comments – I love to hear what’s up! In all cases, I can’t wait to see you!

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Shine Bright!!