Oh the holidays… Office parties, family gatherings, friend gatherings, cookie swaps, secret santa parties, school performances, the list goes on and on – you know how it goes, Buddies.

What a time to gather, celebrate and connect! And while there are many expected guests at these events, there are often two guests that, without proper preparation, can turn our partying FUN into a big party FOUL: Food and alcohol.

The holidays are endlessly associated with copious amounts of eating and drinking. And our recoveries are vulnerable! We’re exposed to foods we rarely see, people that can get rather..um..tricky, we’re out of our normal schedules and usually there’s always a sense of overwhelm in the air.  Not to mention, the “party guests” – food and alcohol –  are usually the most celebrated parts of our holiday soirees!

What’s a Buddy to do when the holidays are rocking and the food and alcohol are talking? That, as we say at Beacon is a problem to be solved. Here are a few ideas on how to rock the season right:

1. Game Plan? Game on. Yes, the holidays are tricky. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have an awesome time, and stay true to your long term goals. All you need is a some planning and follow through and you’re golden! Feel too overwhelming to plan? Even the smallest of plans goes a long way! Here are some greatest hits of party plans: Bring some easy food that serves your recovery and serves the party (shrimp cocktail platter, crudite, fruit skewers), have some hard lines on what you’re going to have – like no desserts, no wine, or only one plate of food. Making decisions like thesewhen you’re at the party isn’t usually utilizing your wisest mind, and that usually = trouble. Going in with a plan makes all the difference – it helps to take the stress off of the party guests we call food and alcohol and make the party about the people and fun!

2. How do you want to FEEL? For a moment, stop thinking about the shortbread cookies, gingerbread houses, and sticky buns that will be chatting with you at your next fiesta. Instead, picture yourself at the party and think about how you want to feel: perhaps lively, peaceful, joyous? What can you DO to ensure you feel this way? And will eating the foods that you know bring you trouble bring you closer to those feelings? Think of the day after the party and do the same exercise: do you want to feel proud, hopeful, serene? Bring the desire for those self-loving feelings along with your plan and you will be shining as bright as Rudolph’s nose! #shinebright

And no matter how the party goes, Buddies, remember that your food and weight issues didn’t go down on a cup of eggnog and sugar cookie – you can be doing something at 6 o’clock at night and be doing something completely different at 6:01.Your ability to be loving and kind to yourself this holiday season allows you to be loving and kind to others. You’ve got this and we’ve got your back. #goteam

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